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The GRAPE Board


The 2017 Board Members & Leadership Team

President: Carolyn Lund  – Co-Founder  Managing Partner, Earnest Apps
Vice-President: Lisa Kosak  – Marketing Manager, Alliance Data
Treasurer: Chad C Jones – Financial Services, Great Lakes Financial Insurance Agency
Secretary:  Patty Vanderklok – Real Estate Investor
Chair Governance Committee:  John M. Potter  – MLIS MBA, Librarian
Executive Committee Director of Events/Planning: Steve Amorose – Solutions Consultant, Qualigence International
Executive Committee Director of Revenue/Income: Ken Bogard  – Chief Operating Officer, Yoder Real Estate

Executive Director: Jason Johnson  – Chief Marketing Officer, Qualigence International

Our email: Contact@GrapeGR.org

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GRAPE is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping businesses and organizations grow through education and networking. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, GRAPE has been operating since 2009.


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