I still remember asking, well more like begging, for my first watch. I was 9 years old and thought I was pretty grown up when I found the tiny package under the Christmas tree and unwrapped the Timex watch. Pretty important stuff. It’s still important stuff. We get excited and all wrapped up in unconstrained enthusiasm for new technology.  We’re especially smitten with devices that promise access to data obtainable through sensors and transmitters that solve problems and practically predict the future. Actually predicting the future is a little beyond scope, but believe me; someone is working on that angle. 

For today though how would you like to learn about one of the hot items already on the market? Wearable technology in the form of the Apple Watch – is ready to replace all those fitness trackers. Whether you are a fan of Apple or your allegiance goes to other brands, devices that measure steps, heart rate, and calories burned are taking center stage this season. 

Join us November 20, 2014  for our next GRAPE event

Joe Johnston presents: “The Internet of Things, Wearables, and Sensors”

Kurt Nahikian presents: “Digital Marketing in a Mobile World” 

Thursday, November 20, 2014
11:30am  1:30pm
ITT Technical Institute (tentative)1980 Metro Ct
Wyoming, MI, 49519


From Mashable: The Apple Watch and the Fitness Tracker Takeover